General Introduction

Hoa Sao Group whose forerunner was Hoa Sao Joint-stock company was formally established on July 21, 2006, providing outsourcing service, customer care and answer service. So far, after 4 years of establishment and growth, Hoa Sao has confirmed its leading position in professional customer care service. Hoa Sao is a reliable partner for businesses in telecommunications, finance, banking, tourism and large-scale retail, meeting highest quality service requirements in Vietnam.

In recent years, Hoa Sao has reached breaking growth in terms of revenue, technology infrastructure and personnel systems. In 2009, total revenue of Hoa Sao reached VND 90 billion and had more than 1,500 employees being professionally trained. In 2010, Hoa Sao’s revenue reached VND 150 billion and number of had over 2,500 employees.

According to a market survey carried out by Hoa Sao, there is a competitive trend in service quality in the market development that has increasingly urged enterprises to invest in building a professional Customer Care system. In Vietnam, the survey shows that about 70% of businesses are expected to outsource Customer Care services, very few enterprises have planned to invest in developing the system. But Customer Care service market in Vietnam is still almost a "white market", only meeting about 50-10% of Customer Care demand of enterprises. This is a new and fledgling area, so it cannot meet market demands in terms of both quantity and quality. This situation is expected to take place for at least 50-10 years and only achieve the supply-demand quality balance as early as 2020. At that time, revenue is expected to reach about USD 2 - 2.5 billion per year and an attractive market opened.

With new opportunities and achieved successes in 2010, Hoa Sao has decided to make a deep and heave investment. Accordingly, Hoa Sao’s orientation is to become the first Customer Care Group in Vietnam with objectives to reach revenue of VND 500 billions and 4,000 employees by 2015.

Established as a group, Hoa Sao will establish a service system covering multiple services and manufacturing business sectors (such as telecommunications, finance - banking, retail, tourism, real estate), of which, focusing on improving the professional quality, service and technology for the purpose of having superiority in competitive advantage. Beside the establishment of popular service system, Hoa Sao will pay a special attention to building high-quality service system for high-grade customers.

Beside expanding and improving indirect call centers and contact center service quality by new investment policies and improvement of personnel and high-end technologies, Hoa Sao will invest in direct Customer Care services (gift solutions, VIP Customer Care); consulting, providing solutions, organizing, training and providing personnel, technology to Customer Care system; communication activities for Customer Care (Customer Care Event Organization; anti-communication crisis from Customer Care, etc), science-professional service in Customer Care (organizing types of investigation for Customer Care service, market research, scientific conferences and scientific reports on the market and Customer Care, etc).

“With our resources and experience, we believe that Hoa Sao will become a creative and professional customer care service provider with leading high-quality, international level and locally knowledgeable services. With a commitment to become "a number one companion of enterprises," Hoa Sao is directed to perfect services with different characteristics for each customer. Hoa Sao’s superiority is that apart from excellent service quality, each service package contains cultural messages and human values. And this is the corporate style and culture that Hoa Sao brings together to gain successes with enterprises in the global competitive market” – said Mr. Le Thanh Hai, General Director of Hoa Sao Group.


To become Vietnam’s number one group in professional customer care service; create a Vietnamese brand in Customer service management outsourcing with international stature


To provide contact center and customer care services by international standards with local cultural touch and knowledge; deliver excellent customer experience through commitment and professionalism and contribute to the development of brands, employees, partners, and society.

Core Values

  • Unity
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Morality


1. Call Center Services

- Incoming Call Center Services

o Customer Care

o 1800 Consultancy

o Order Taking

- Outgoing Call Center Services

o Telesales/Telemarketing

o Market Study

o PR/Marketing activities for Communication Campaigns

o Customer care for existing clients

o Customers’ information management and evaluation

- Contact Center Services

2. HR Training/Providing Services for Call Center

3. Call Center Consultancy Services

  • Consultancy Services for Call Center Setup
  • Consultancy Services for Customer Relationship Management

4. VIP Customer Care Servicesư

5. Gift Services

6. Communication/Market Study Services

  • Market Study, Consumers’ Behavior Study, Study on Effects of Customer Service and Consultancy for Independent Supervision for Customer Service
  • Database Creation of Potential VIP Customers for Enterprises
  • Communication Services for Customer Service Industry
  • Consultancy for CMR Crisis Management
  • Communication Programs about Customer Service in Mass Media


Customer Service can be considered as a “new-born” industry in Vietnam, therefore; supply for qualified human resource is very limited. In order to select qualified and appropriate candidates for vacancies at Hoa Sao, the Group has built and implemented a professional and international standardized recruiting and training program.

Hoa Sao currently has more than 2000 customer service agents who are professionally trained. This is the key factor for Hoa Sao to improve its competitiveness in the market and a highlight in Hoa Sao culture.

Hoa Sao Group is always proud of its Vietnamese culture-based working environment, which is not only professional, modern, active and creative but also warm and friendly for everyone.


1. Infrastructures

  • Offices in Hanoi, Hochiminh City, Haiphong, Danang and Vinh Phuc
  • Modern and comfortable offices
  • Over 1,000 working desks with international standard

2. Technology

  • Ability to simultaneously deal with 10,000 calls and 24/24
  • Contact Center Technologies from U.S, India…
  • High-speed LAN network and backup network; international standard confidentiality
  • Professional CRM System
  • Data Store and Backup System and Security System are managed following international standards and standards of each industry
  • High Definition Computer System
  • Power supply 24/24



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