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Yamaha Motor Vietnam launch customer service call center

Based on “towards to market & customers”, Yamaha Motor Vietnam and Hoa Sao officially signed the cooperation agreement to develop customer service in May.

Yamaha launches call center - 18001588 (free) – working from 8:00 -22:00 everyday (except lunar new year). The aim of call center is to support customer, consult and answer the related question such as Yamaha ‘s product, service… in general ( motor price, promotion, part, general event information…) Beside, Call center receives Yamaha service related feedback, complaint, broken information.


Call center has been working from May 15th, 2013 with the aim to serve recall 83.000 Nozza produced from August 20th, 2011 to March 30th, 2013. More than one month to run, call center has been welcomed  with a lot of interest from Nozza users  in particular and Yamaha users in general

Because of the increasing demand of customer service and the aim for customer, Yamaha always commit to give the best service quality. Therefore, the appearance of call center “1800 1588” marks an advanced step in Yamaha‘s customer service. Those who use Yamaha product will perceive the perfect competitive service package.

Basing the professional experienced employee in the field of customer service, Hoa Sao believe in this cooperation and expect many new steps in long cooperation  bussiness between Hoa Sao and Yamaha.

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